Tips to Minimize ATM Charges

Tips on ways to avoid or minimize ATM charges.

First, please keep in mind that there are two kinds of charges. There are charges which can be imposed by the issuer of the card, and there are charges which can be imposed by the owner of the ATM machine. This second type of charge by the owner of the ATM is called a “surcharge”.

As the issuer of your Grand Valley Bank card, we do not impose a charge for your use of the card unless you use a “foreign” ATM machine. If you use a foreign machine, we will charge you $2.00 which we deduct from your account. These machines are not foreign machines and we will not charge you for using them:

  • All Grand Valley Bank ATM Machines
  • All MoneyPass ATM Machines

We consider all other ATMs to be foreign ATM machines.

When you use an ATM, the screen will always warn you if you will have a surcharge if you complete the withdrawal, and it will give you an opportunity to cancel the transaction before you are charged.


Additional Money Saving Tips!

First, if you must use a foreign machine, withdraw extra money if you can.

Both our charges and the owner’s surcharges are the same regardless of the size of the withdrawal at a foreign machine. In other words, it costs just as much to withdraw $20.00 as it does $200.00. Obviously, if you withdraw extra money you can get by with fewer withdrawals and fewer charges.

Use the card for purchases rather than cash.

At a merchant that accepts VISA credit cards, press credit on the PIN pad, or present your card to the merchant and sign the receipt. The transaction will be charged to your checking account with a description of where your purchase was made.

Receive Cash back with a purchase.

When you use your Visa debit card at a merchant that participates with the Pulse Network, you can receive cash back with your purchases by pressing the debit key on the merchant's PIN pad and entering your ATM PIN number. There is no surcharge for foreign ATM usage charge for these transactions.

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